• What if I can't find the products I am looking for?

    Bookause wants to make it as simple as possible for you to find whatever you're looking while contributing to a great cause as well. At the top of each product page (i.e. books, audiobooks, etc.) you can find a link that takes you directly to the Amazon page for the product you are searching for.
  • Why are certain products not available on Bookause.com?

    Amazon offers over 400,000,000 products to read including books, magazines, audiobooks, textbooks and much more! In order to make all of these products available on Bookause.com for you to purchase there will be new products being uploaded daily.
  • Does Bookause still generate money for communities when I use the CLICK HERE link?

    Yes. As long as you purchase a product within 24 hours after clicking any of the links on Bookause.com then we will still receive a volume advertising fee from your purchase.
  • Why...Bookause?

    Why? Because it's simply the right thing to do! Bookause believes that customers and communities are a huge component to the success of any business, so we wanted to create a business that gave back just as much as it received from its customers and their communities.
  • How did Bookause begin?

    Since his younger years Lyndon Morgan II had always known that he wanted to start a business as well as give back to communities, but didn't really know at the time how he would be able to effectively mesh the two together. In early 2013, one night at home when about to turn in for the night, Lyndon was brainstorming about business ideas out loud (in other words talking to himself LOL). While thinking about the idea of an online bookstore and using it for a good cause he was tongue tied as his mind was going a million miles a minute and he accidentally spoke the words "books" and "cause" at the same time fusing them together in a weird way. Then he said it, "Bookause!"; in that moment company was born.
  • How does Bookause generate money for communities?

    Bookause generates money for communities through Amazon's Associate Program based on the volume of products shipped/downloaded in a given month from Bookause.com. Bookause receives a volume advertising fee between 4.00% and 8.50% for all of its products except for magazines which have a fixed advertising fee rate of 25.00%, and electronic products which have a fixed advertising rate of 4.00% .
  • What organizations does Bookause donate to?

    Bookause is currently planning to work with organizations in the Manhattan, KS area similar to K-State Foundation, HIS (Helping International Students) and Flint Hills Breadbasket. As Bookause grows we plan to reach out and work with organizations all over the country, and one day all over the world.
  • What are Bookause's plans for the Future?

    Bookause's plans for the future, simply put, is to "Change The World" one day at a time. As a company, we plan to reach out to the organizations and individuals all across the world that help make a difference. More often than not, many of these organizations and individuals are unheard and overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Bookause plans to change this pattern by working together and offering our heart, help and financial support in any way that we can. "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." -Henry Ford
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